Our feeding team consultations are done by a dietitian and occupational therapist together.  

Who We See

  • Families who have lost control at mealtimes

  • Parents that are making separate meals for their child

  • Children who have limited variety of foods in their diet

  • Children who dislike certain textures

  • Children who refuse to try new foods

  • Children who are tube fed or dependent on nutritional drinks

  • Children with developmental delays or autism spectrum disorder

  • Children who require distractions, bribes, or excessive encouragement to eat

  • Children who gag, cough, or choke when eating

  • Children who have limited solid food intake


Assessment & Personalized Feeding Plan - $560

  • Initial Assessment (75 minutes)

  • Feedback & Education Follow-Up (60 minutes)


Additional Follow-Up/Feeding Therapy Sessions (60 minutes) - $160

*Families must have already booked the Assessment and Personalized Feeding Plan in order to be able to book Additional Sessions

Payment is due at the end of your appointment.  We accept debit and credit card. Many extended health care plans cover Registered Dietitian and Occupational Therapy services.  Contact your extended health care provider to see if they cover these services or if your plan includes an “expense account” that can be used to cover these services from registered health care providers.  We do not do direct billing, however, we will provide you with a receipt that can be submitted to your provider for reimbursement.  Dietitian and Occupational Therapy services may be claimed as a medical expense on your income tax. 


We also accept At Home Program Funding and Autism Funding (AFU).  We are not covered by MSP.


What to expect

Your initial appointment will consist of a meeting with both a dietitian and occupational therapist. We will ask you a series of questions about your child, her/her feeding history and struggles you are facing. We will then observe your child eat some items they like (preferred foods) and do not like (non-preferred foods). We will then discuss a plan for you and your child.


A follow up appointment will be booked within 2 weeks with one of our clinicians. We will review your progress thus far and work with you to progress you and your child's goals. We will also provide you a detailed week by week personalized plan with a step wise instruction guide of how to progress feeding and change behaviours.

We will book follow up visits as needed after this visit to continue to support you and your family.

What To Bring To Your Appointment

  1. Photo of child where they typically eat meals at home (include front and side profile)

  2. 2-3 min video of child eating: try to do this so your child isn’t aware they’re being filmed so it’s an accurate representation of typical behaviour at meals

  3. Foods for feeding observation: bring 2-3 preferred foods and 2-3 non preferred foods.  We can store food in the fridge/freezer or warm up in the microwave if required

  4. Any reports that might be relevant (ie. growth history or therapy reports)

  5. List of any medications or supplements your child takes - please include brand and dosage (you may take photo of bottles to show us)​


Note: We have a high chair and utensils/plates, however, if your child prefers or struggles with a particular product you use, please bring it to the appointment.


Please avoid giving your child anything to eat (besides water) within 1.5 hours of your appointment so we can see them eat.


Kids Clinic strives to provide exceptional care to our clients and their families. We aim to provide care in ways that best meet your needs and schedules. However, missed clinic appointments and frequent cancellations do impact our ability to provide quality services.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call or email us at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations or missed appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a charge of 50% of the appointment fee.


We will only be offering virtual consultations at this time as we do our best to keep everyone safe. We know it can be hard to find a quiet 60-75 minutes for a video call with kids at home, so we’ve broken up the assessment so there’s decreased face time (more time spent before and after appointment by the Dietitian & Occupational Therapist), but with the same quality of assessment and plan. This will entail:

  • Family to complete written assessment online prior to appointment and email short video of child at a mealtime. Dietitian & Occupational Therapist will review completed assessment and video prior to appointment.

  • 30 minute video call with Dietitian & Occupational Therapist to better understand child’s feeding concerns, clarify more details of assessment, and begin to generate personalized feeding plan.

  • Dietitian & Occupational Therapist will then develop personalized feeding plan which will be emailed to family.

  • 30 minute video call with one therapist to review personalized feeding plan and provide education to successfully implement the plan over the coming weeks.

  • Credit card information will be taken over the phone to process payments and receipts will be emailed to family.

Assessment & Personalized Feeding Plan
$420 reduced rate during COVID19 as we offer virtual consultations 


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