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Occupational Therapy &

Speech Language Pathology


Our OT’s and SLP’s work with children who have the following feeding or swallowing challenges:

  • Delayed oral motor skills

  • Chewing difficulty

  • Transitioning from purees to solids

  • Difficulty with cup, straw or bottle drinking


Our OT’s also provide these additional services (we are not currently accepting new clients for these services):

  • Fine Motor Delay: weak hands and/or tires easily when completing fine motor tasks; difficulty with printing tasks such as letter formation, sizing and spacing, difficulty with dressing such as with buttons, cutting with a knife or holding a fork.

  • Executive Functioning Difficulty: Very disorganized, loses or forgets things, misses tests/class assignments, struggles with emotional regulation, difficulty following multiple step directions, struggles with impulsiveness.

  • Coordination Difficulties: Difficulty learning and/or coordinating gross motor tasks (i.e. riding a bike, skipping, hopping, stairs); Low muscle tone; clumsy, trips and falls easily.



Initial Appointments (60 minutes) - $160

Follow-Up Appointments (30-60 minutes) - $160/hour

Payment is due at the beginning of the appointment.  We accept e-transfer, debit or credit card.


Many extended health care plans cover Occupational Therapy or Speech Language Pathology services.  Please check with your provider for more detailed information on benefits available to you. We do not directly bill third parties; however, we will provide you with a receipt that can be submitted to your provider for reimbursement.


We accept the At Home Program Funding and Autism Funding (AFU) and our OT & SLP are RASP approved. We are not covered by MSP.


What to bring to your first appointment:


  • Any reports that might be relevant (ie. report cards or previous therapy or physician notes)

  • A variety of foods or fluids that you want the therapist to observe

  • Any school work that would demonstrate areas of difficulty (printing, colouring pages, notes from teachers)

Our initial appointment and follow ups are typically 1 hour long (45 min direct treatment with 15 min parent education/charting).


In our first appointment, we will review consent information and get a detailed history of the issue and create goals for the following therapy visits. We are happy to work with you on a consultative basis or on a regular basis. We have seen the most success has been with a consistent schedule of therapy visits.


We also can provide a report for schools if requested (for additional costs).



Your appointment time has been specifically booked for you. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please be advised that all appointment cancellations require at least 48 hours notice.

We value our patient’s time and want to ensure that those in need of our services can access any schedule openings with fair notice.  For this reason, appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a cancellation fee of $80 (which can be used as a credit towards your next visit).

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