We are medical doctors who take care of children 0-19 years old.  We see children when there is any concern about their health.  We advocate for your children to get funding and support in schools and the community.  We connect families with resources.  We help you coordinate all the services that are involved in your child's life.  

We are here for you.  

Ask your family doctor for a referral to

the Kids Clinic


Pediatric Allergy: We find and treat allergies and problems with your child's immune system.  We do skin testing, and desensitization treatments.


Pediatric Neurology: We treat problems with the nervous system such as seizure disorders, headaches, and delays in development. 

Adolescent Medicine: We support youth through their teenage years by engaging them thoroughly in their care.  We may see teens with sexual health concerns, eating disorder, mental health conditions or family conflict. 


We restore the joy of family meals by providing parents the education to support healthy eating behaviours. We give you a step by step plan to implement at home to help your child practice the skill of eating so that she can enjoy more foods.   

We offer an integrative team approach.  You will see both our dietitian and occupational therapist together.  


Our play based interventions show your child how to

  • Gain control of his behaviours, emotions, and thoughts

  • Achieve better balance and coordination 

  • Confidently complete fine motor tasks (handwriting, dressing, scissors, eating, hygiene, arts/crafts/games)

So that they may achieve success with independence, academics, and social interactions.  


We help you feed your child so that they can grow up feeling confident about food and their bodies. 


We see families individually and also offer nutrition counselling to groups. 

We give you recommendations that are evidence based and practical - tips that busy parents can implement easily at home.   


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