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Our general pediatricians specialize in providing comprehensive medical care for children from birth to adolescence, up to 19 years old. Our dedicated team consults on a wide range of medical issues, including developmental disorders, asthma, allergies, acute illnesses, and prematurity. We also offer longitudinal care for children with chronic medical conditions, ensuring continuity and personalized attention. We are committed to supporting families in advocating for their children, accessing resources, and receiving the quality medical care they deserve.


Neurology: Our Neurology specialist provides care to children facing a range of neurological challenges, from epilepsy and seizure management to developmental delays and headaches/migraines. Our approach focuses on understanding each child’s needs and crafting personalized treatment plans to promote their neurological well-being.


Endocrinology: Our Endocrinologist offers tailored care for conditions such as puberty-related concerns, thyroid issues, growth concerns, and hormonal imbalances. With a focus on comprehensive assessments and individualized interventions, we support children and their families throughout their endocrine health journey.


Adolescent Medicine: Guiding teens through their crucial developmental stage, our specialists offer comprehensive care for a range of concerns. From sexual health to eating disorders, mental health, and family conflicts, we provide personalized support and understanding to empower adolescents on their journey to health and well-being.


Cardiology (Special Interest): With expertise in pediatric cardiology, our specialist focuses on the heart health of children, including the evaluation and management of murmurs, congenital heart disease, and other cardiac concerns. Our approach emphasizes thorough evaluations and supportive care to ensure the well-being of each young patient.

Hematology: Our Hematology specialist focuses on diagnosing and treating blood disorders in children. From anemia and bleeding disorders to conditions like thalassemia and sickle cell disease, we provide personalized care and support tailored to each child’s needs. Our goal is to ensure the well-being of our young patients through expert treatment and ongoing monitoring, while also offering education and resources to support their families


Developmental Pediatrics: Our Developmental Pediatrics providers offer compassionate care for children with developmental challenges. Whether it’s autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, or behavioral issues, our team is dedicated to understanding each child’s unique needs and providing tailored support for their growth and development.

Ask your primary care provider or general pediatrician

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The Kids Clinic


The Kids Clinic is honoured to work collaboratively with The Feeding Group, a specialized team of Occupational Therapists, Dieticians and Speech Language Pathologists who offer feeding and nutrition services. Services are offered in person at The Kids Clinic or virtually.


Speech and Language Services

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